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War on drugs failing to limit drug use in Vancouver: New report finds declines in drug use associated with harm reduction services, not law enforcement efforts

UHRI's latest comprehensive report on the drug situation in Vancouver shows health-focused policies have been more effective than federal law enforcement measures at reducing illicit drug use and improving public health and safety. More...

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Report calls for policy reforms and harm reduction programs for people who inject drugs in Bangkok, Thailand

A September 2011 report summarizing two years of research findings on HIV risk behaviours and barriers to accessing HIV and harm reduction services among people who inject drugs in Thailand provides evidence-based recommendations for the expansion of harm reduction programs in that setting.

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Drug prohibition, stricter law enforcement key sources of violence and gun crime

Canada’s war on drugs has failed to curb the illicit drug trade, and proposed legal interventions to disrupt the drug market may actually boost rates of drug-related violence, according to the latest report by the Urban Health Research Initiative. The report’s findings are significant in the context of Bill C-15.

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La prohibition des drogues et le resserrement des lois antidrogues sont des causes importantes de violence et d’agressions armées

Selon un nouvel examen scientifique, la lutte antidrogue au Canada n’a pas réussi à réduire le commerce des drogues illicites, et les interventions juridiques mises de l’avant pour contrer le narcotrafic n’auront aucun effet sur l’approvisionnement et pourraient même faire grimper les taux de violence liée à la drogue. Les conclusions du rapport sont significatives dans le contexte du projet de loi C 15.

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Illicit Drug Use in Vancouver

UHRI’s 2009 report, Drug Situation in Vancouver, contains more than 10 years of prospective data on drug use trends, drug availability, HIV rates and mortality rates among people in the Vancouver area who use hard drugs such as heroin, crack cocaine and methamphetamine. More...

Insite Evaluation

More than 30 research studies evaluating Insite, Vancouver's supervised injecting facility, have been published in such prestigious peer-reviewed journals as The Lancet, the New England Journal of Medicine and the British Medical Journal. The results of these studies have been summarized and are available in both official languages in two formats:

Full report:

Findings from the evaluation of Vancouver’s Pilot Medically Supervised Safer Injecting Facility – Insite

Résultats de l’évaluation du Centre d’injection supervisé de Vancouver – projet pilote Insite

Two-page summary:

Insight into Insite

Regard sur l'Insite