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UHRI researchers place great importance on the publication of research findings. We feel that it is unacceptable to collect sensitive information from volunteer research subjects and then not make this information available to policy-makers. 

We believe that solutions to health and social challenges are best addressed through appropriate scientific investigation and that policies should be driven by the best available scientific evidence. The investigators at UHRI have collectively published hundreds of articles in leading academic journals. These studies undergo independent peer-review to ensure that they are held to the highest possible level of scientific scrutiny prior to public dissemination. 

Please refer to the links below for lists of a selection of these publications. More titles will be added as our research continues.

We realize that to make our research findings more widely available to policy makers, affected communities and the general public, we need to do more than publish our research findings in academic journals. The UHRI team therefore engages in a variety of knowledge translation efforts aimed at disseminating research findings to a broader audience.