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Community-Based Research

UHRI investigators have a longstanding involvement with, and commitment to, Community-Based Research (CBR). A community-based approach to research attempts to address community priorities through the meaningful involvement of community members throughout the research process. Research projects emphasizing the participation of affected communities through partnerships between academics and community-based organizations have been particularly important in the realm of Canadian HIV/AIDS research.

Beginning in 2000, UHRI's principal investigators began collaborating with the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU) to undertake a series of CBR projects. Through these endeavours, members of UHRI and VANDU have worked together to compile and design evaluation projects and to prepare manuscripts which were subsequently published in peer-reviewed journals.

Most recently, UHRI researchers have worked with VANDU to develop an interdisciplinary CBR partnership focused on generating evidence specific to unsafe injecting, as well as on developing and evaluating drug-user-led interventions that promote safer injecting knowledge and practices. This program involves further capacity-building of members of VANDU and also seeks to develop an evidence-based knowledge translation strategy to promote interventions and policies that will reduce HIV transmission through safer injecting education.